Friday, November 10, 2006


Bettye Johnson

The elections are over and the Democrats now have control of the U.S. Congress. It is also a time for women to assert their power. We have a woman as Speaker of the House of Representatives – Nancy Pelosi – the first ever in the history of the United States! Changes are coming. We have been instrumental in this change and I honor all women for giving their time and energy.

There are more ‘firsts’. In Washington State there are two women U.S. senators – Senator Maria Cantwell and Senator Patty Murray and a woman governor – Chris Gregoire. There could be many more ‘firsts’ such as Calif. U.S. Senator Barbara Box becoming the chairwoman for the Environment and Public Works Committee, Senator Maria Cantwell, chairwoman of the Energy Committee.

This is a threat to the predominant male ego and these are powerful women. I urge each of us to let our representatives know what we want. I for one want a woman to have the decision over her body. I want to encourage stem cell research that can extend and save lives. I want to see an end to the Iraq war that is putting money in the pockets of the oilmen, munitions men and exploiting women. I want women all over the world to be free from enslavement. These are only a few of the changes I am working for.

There is a CARE2 commercial showing women of different ethnic backgrounds walking across a desert and they begin saying “I am powerful” over and over. If every woman would take a walk and repeat these words over and over, we would take back our power.

On the November 2 Larry King Live Show, there were four men and 1 womn on a panel for the program entitled “Beyond Positive Thinking.” Think about the two words ‘positive thinking.’ For eons women have been considered to be negative and men positive. What do you think the words ‘positive thinking’ mean to a woman? Subconsciously it could mean that since she is considered to be a negative gender that she is bad or evil.

JZ Knight was the lone female on the panel and they placed her at the very end. The four men were the creators of the movie/documentary The Secret. Of course, this was not announced on the program. I learned this later. It was obvious that men wanted to out-do Knight, but she gave some fabulous information. When she was asked about positive thinking she replied that she did not subscribe to those two words because of the women/negative vs men/positive. She said she subscribed to the words affirmative thinking. I agree with her.

t is time for we women to shun positive thinking and become affirmative thinkers! Knight said that each of us should say when we first wake up in the morning, “I am Wonderful.” “I am genius.” We can add the words from the CARE2 ad: I am powerful! If all women would use these three phrases throughout the day, we would become what we say we are.

All of the male panelists on the Larry King show have drawn on greater motivators from the past and produced a slick documentary titled The Secret. What they are promoting is not new. It is old thinking done up in a new slick package.

We women must develop our own package of Affirmative Thinking. I Am Wonderful. I Am Genius. I Am Powerful. This should be our mantra. Years ago I learned to make cards and draw what I wanted in my life. Some call this Treasure Mapping. It works. I urge all women to become Treasure Mappers using Affirmative Thinking.

We women cannot change men. They can only change themselves. However, we can become role models for our sons, grandsons, our daughters and granddaughters. We can become a light unto the world. It begins with each one of us. We can share what works for us and what didn’t. I have three beautiful sons who are great men. I am not anti-male. I am only anti-hypocrisy and anti-prejudice. I am also against religions that keep the rights of women suppressed. We are each one unique and loved by the Creator equally. It is time to regain our power.