Friday, October 31, 2008


World making has a delicious connotation. Would it be similar to a washerwoman who would scrub it clean? On the other hand, would we be an artist and paint new over the old? Having been an avid researcher of history and ancient history, it is as stated, in Eccl.1:9 "There is nothing new under the sun" and in some ways it appears this is semi-true. I say semi, because there are always new avenues of thought to pursue.

It appears that there have always been wars, enslavement, political plotters, murders, plagues, the rich, the poor, and subjugation of women, rape, and the robber barons. Today it is said there are six billion on this planet. Now that is many people with each one having different perceptions. Here we are in the year 2008 and we still have prejudices, discrimination, wars, rape, child abuse, female abuse, controllers and the barons of old who have become corporations.

What has brought us to this point in time? Some will say it is genetics, that's just the way it is, or my religion tells me this or that. There are a host of reasons and excuses for human behavior. Yes, we have great technology today, but if one observes people, we can note that many are part of a herd of cows following a leader. Therefore, what can bring about a new world—a different world? Ah, that's a question rarely posed. Why not begin with our self? What can we bring to a new empty table? A new world?

Are we bringing old, worn-out beliefs, habits, resentments, guilt, jealousies and other relics of the past, or do we bring to our empty table a new and different perspective? This calls for radical self-examination. What hidden thoughts do we harbor? What emotions are we suppressing? What words do we use over-and-over unconsciously?

Each of us is a thread in the tapestry of life. Some of us may appear to be the same color, but our hue—our tint is different. Each of us carries within us our own stamp of uniqueness. Perhaps it is time to remove the blinders we wear and allow new and different ideas and perspectives to flow in. Now we have change and an opportunity to see a new world unfolding within us as it moves into the outer reality. It is a challenge to move out of the herd. There are temptations to hang on to the past. This is a journey others have previously made while creating a new world for themselves. They became the eye in the center of the storm raging around them.

If each of us made a choice and moved out of the mold—the herd think of how exquisite it will be to live in a new world of our making. We each can become the center of calm while the outer world appears to be falling apart. We each can become the artist and paint a new scenario, or the writer who can write a new script. Each of us have the capability to create our own personal new world. From adversity comes the jewel.