Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Here it is January! The snow has melted and today it is rainy, windy and great to be by the fire crackling in my wood stove. However, as I was sitting looking into the fire a memory came to me of a hot - and I mean hot summer day in Houston, Texas with no air conditioning. In those days most people rarely had air conditioning. We had swamp coolers - or window fans where the water trickled over it. However, that is not necessarily my memory - only a side effect.

This was during the days of women wearing girdles to tuck their tummies in when all it did was push the excess fat up to the waist. I was working in Houston, Texas where the humidity was at a high level and I had worn a new girdle to work. Of course, the office had no air conditioning. The girdle was a new edition from Playtex, which was a rubber perforated girdle.

I put off going to the bathroom as long as possible and finally I had no recourse but to go. Somehow I managed to get the girdle down and sighed with relief. Then when it came to pulling it up again, I began the struggle and this began with a snap, a crackle and a pop. Lordy, lordy, I thought I was going to die because it wouldn't move up over my sweating abdomen. I finally realized it just was not going to work, so I managed to get it down to my ankles and with a big sigh I stepped out of it and threw it in the trash bin.

As I walked out, there were several men standing next to the water cooler smirking. I almost flipped them off, but with a flip of my head I managed to walk to my desk breathing with relief and to hell with wearing girdles.