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Do you know the meaning of the words you speak or think? If you do then you are among the exceptional. Most people have no idea what the words they say mean. The original meaning of a common word often becomes changed through translation or by design. Today the words boss and cool have different meanings from the originals and come under the heading of slang. This is a method of changing the meaning of words. History is filled with many changed words.

When Christianity began spreading throughout Europe many pagan words and celebrations were altered to bring the pagans into the fold of the Church. One such celebration is Easter. Originally Easter or Eastre was the name of a pagan goddess of spring and the church officials turned the celebration into a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

Some years ago I attended a talk given by Ramtha, the hierophant of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. His teaching was titled “Ignorance is the Mother of Devotion.” I remember that when I left, the connection between ignorance and devotion had not been clear to me. As with many of Ramtha’s teachings not all the i’s or t’s are dotted or crossed. I came to the realization that he wants us to find the dots and discovered the connections for ourselves.

This pulled at my mind for a few years and I finally began to research the meaning of devotion. It didn’t take much research. All I had to do was go to my trusty New World Dictionary, Second College Edition and look up the word. The archaic or original meanings for devote was entirely different from the common usage today. The meaning I found said: to curse or doom.

This led me to seek further. I knew de is the prefix meaning separation or away from but what was vote? Vote came from the Latin word vatum meaning a wish, a vow or a prayer. I began to see that the original meaning was changed and used to bring the conquered pagans into the fold – so to speak.

I began to note how the change affected our evolution. We (I am using this collectively) now became devoted to our church, our children, our family, or our whatever. The frequency of the original meaning was still contained within the word. We had been programmed to give our attention to something or somebody outside of ourselves. We became ignorant of our true purpose and the knowingness that god is within each person regardless of religion, culture, race or creed. In essence, we were hi-jacked into giving our power away to something outside of us. We became ignorant and therefore ignorance is the mother of devotion.

In realizing this, I began examining my own perceptions of what I was devoted to. I realized that there were some and I quickly changed my attitudes when I became aware of the word’s true meaning. My realization is that when I was devoted to something outside myself whether it be children, husband, politics or a cause then I was giving away my power of self. Self is always seeking to be known. I did not give up my children or my husband.

I also learned that love is not attachment. I gradually began weaning myself away from my attachments to become detached. By being detached, I could love and allow those in my life to develop their own self. My deceased sister was a devoted woman to her family, her church and her clubs she belonged to. She developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and was told to rest and restrict her activities. I spoke with her and told her it was a marvelous opportunity to get to know herself. She responded that she didn’t like to be alone with herself. I didn’t argue with her however I was saddened that she felt she needed outside activities to strengthen her worth. It indicated to me that she really had no self worth and this beautiful woman died of cancer of the liver. Cancer denotes self-hatred.

Too many people give away their attention and their power to what they are devoted to whether it be television, movies, family, religion, hatreds, prejudices, anger, sports or anything that ones attention is always projected outside of self. I have learned that self-contemplation is the seed for creativity and I can love others without being devoted to them.


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In addressing a recent statement I read, that we can’t think outside of our brain. I would say that from my research and studies over the years that there is another premise. Our mind is the sum total of our thoughts and words. Scientists and theologians will never have the answer until they change their Flatlander mind-set.

We as humans are not our bodies. There is something much grander driving us – or operating us and that is the spiritual aspect of each individual. Although the word God has been misconstrued and it turns many people off, I will use it for lack of a more efficient word. We are all connected and I realized this many years ago when I received my first ‘aha’ while reading Ruth Montgomery’s book, The World Before. I immediately had a visual picture of our connectedness and it has only been re-enforced over the years.

We each chose to incarnate in a human body to create and to complete unfinished business from other lifetimes. We each were dreaming a dream of living on the lowest level of God, or the Isness, or the All. Some chose to live as the feminine and others as the male. We were given our body with a DNA and the genes of our parents. We were also given a brain.

The brain is the greatest computer ever created and it is under used. Scientists have said we use less than one-percent of our brain. Have you ever wondered about the other 90 percent? I have. Our brain is a sender and a receiver, just as today’s computer is. Using e-mail, we can send and we can receive.

Where do our thoughts come from? Thoughts come from our programming. Our computer brain has a program it operates. We, as the programmer keep running the same program over and over until something within us years for a change. Our program begins with our genes we inherited from our parents. These are triggered by what we came in to complete. Haven’t you noticed that in families how different siblings are? Some select certain genes and others select another set of genes; while they are different, they also share common genes. One child may be inclined to one talent while another demonstrates another talent.

In our programming, we are open-minded when we are first born. The way our parents, relatives and peers interact with us and teach us, adds to our program. We are heavily programmed by religion, schools, politics, the entertainment world, and advertising. When we accept the beliefs of others, we become powerless.

Women over eons have become the most prejudiced against genders. Theirs is a heavy-demeaning programming. Today there are many women who are waking up and realizing that there is much more to them than the old programming. Once the awakening comes, it is as H.R. Halderman once said, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube once it is out. It is up to each of us to look within and find the jewel of our talent or talents and to utilize them. We are each unique beings with our own signature. We need no stamp of approval outside of our self. We only need our own approval. We can change our minds and our programming by choosing carefully our thoughts and our attitudes. It takes practice over and over until it becomes a different program. The key is to never give up. We have the mind to do it.

How do I know this? I have been on a spiritual journey for nearly 40 years and I attribute my greatest growth to Ramtha the Enlightened One and I have been a student of his for over 18 years. As Sir Francis Bacon wrote: Knowledge is power.


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A future now is an enigma to some or as some would say, it is a puzzle. How can a future be now? Haven’t you ever been told that one must have a goal – a dream? I have, and I have learned that the goal and dream will only happen if one doesn’t tarnish it with doubt and fear. How does one not tarnish her or his dream – goal?

First, let’s take the majority of the population of this world. Most have no dreams or goals. And why is this? They have allowed others to usurp their power. They have given their power away to the
haves and become the have-nots. The haves are the ones who control the finances of this world and became the big corporate giants, who in turn control governments and the have-nots.

haves use advertising, sports, fashions, cosmetics, video games, movies, television shows, the news media and religion to control and sedate the have-nots into thinking they are living the good life.

What is the
good life? It depends on how it is interpreted. Let’s take one interpretation and we could say it is the path to the grave. Haven’t you heard the programmable phrase eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow you may die? Now, that is sad because the programmed good life is to become enamored with material things and to the need to be entertained. Thinking for oneself is not allowed. This is called herd mentality.

One has only to check out the parking lots of hospitals and medical centers and attempt to find a parking space – even at 7 in the morning. Multiply this with all the cities in the U.S. as an example. It is appalling to note that these powerless people are in actuality waiting to die.

Religion is the greatest detriment to having a future now. It doesn’t matter what brand of religion it is because if the main tenet is there is a god
out there, it means one’s power has just been sucked away and given to an empty belief. And yes, religions have become corporate giants. These people – the powerless have-nots, have become the walking dead.

How does one move from being a
walking dead or a member of the herd into becoming a future person? From my experience and perspective it means gaining knowledge and if the knowledge doesn’t make sense, say, as I have said, ‘it’s a possibility.’ This leaves a door open and other knowledge will come through the door to validate the first knowledge.

Why is knowledge so important? Because it allows one to dream wonderful dreams and have marvelous goals. There is an ancient adage that says ‘cast your bread upon the waters.” In other words, put your dreams into the water of the void and it will return to you. This is actually a reference to the quantum physics of creation.

Quantum physics is like an unlimited cauldron of soup to me and can be likened to an immense unlimited garden that can grow anything. By formulating one’s desire or dream into words or images in the mind, one focuses on it and this is the seed that is planted into the garden of the quantum. One waters it with an intent that it is and plucks away the weeds of doubt and fear. What does this have to do with the ‘future now?’ Everything!

The dream has been cast into the future and the coagulation of it in the quantum field becomes the now. The other ingredient to bringing a dream into the ‘future now’ is to have acceptance. To look into one’s mind and really ask,
do I really accept this? is the greatest assurance that what was dreamed, as a future does become a now. It is a matter of becoming one with the dream. Some may call this treasure mapping.

Our brain is the mechanism we use to access the quantum world and frequency is important. Our dreams are sent into the quantum soup via the brain using a frequency that we must become one with and this is done by acceptance.

The quantum world has endless possibilities. Who would have ever thought that the technology of digital cameras would peek into another dimension and bring us photos of beings that are called
orbs? It was dreamed into being. Perhaps these orb beings wanted to make contact with us. It is a possibility.

What else has been hidden away from our vision? So much! There are galaxies to explore and universes to visit with our minds. The ability to teleport objects from one place to another and for us to teleport us to another place. With the expansion of our mind, the possibilities are unlimited! The more we fill our minds with knowledge and tear down the boxes of limitations that block our acceptance, the more wonderful our world becomes.

Having been a student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment for over 18 years, I find that my world and knowledge has been sharpened and enlarged. I would have never known about orbs or to throw my mind into the future, to know the meaning of the Void, which some call 'the aether', and also to study quantum physics, which I call 'soup'. It is a wonderful world.

It is all about Future Now. copyright: Bettye Johnson