Friday, September 01, 2006


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In addressing a recent statement I read, that we can’t think outside of our brain. I would say that from my research and studies over the years that there is another premise. Our mind is the sum total of our thoughts and words. Scientists and theologians will never have the answer until they change their Flatlander mind-set.

We as humans are not our bodies. There is something much grander driving us – or operating us and that is the spiritual aspect of each individual. Although the word God has been misconstrued and it turns many people off, I will use it for lack of a more efficient word. We are all connected and I realized this many years ago when I received my first ‘aha’ while reading Ruth Montgomery’s book, The World Before. I immediately had a visual picture of our connectedness and it has only been re-enforced over the years.

We each chose to incarnate in a human body to create and to complete unfinished business from other lifetimes. We each were dreaming a dream of living on the lowest level of God, or the Isness, or the All. Some chose to live as the feminine and others as the male. We were given our body with a DNA and the genes of our parents. We were also given a brain.

The brain is the greatest computer ever created and it is under used. Scientists have said we use less than one-percent of our brain. Have you ever wondered about the other 90 percent? I have. Our brain is a sender and a receiver, just as today’s computer is. Using e-mail, we can send and we can receive.

Where do our thoughts come from? Thoughts come from our programming. Our computer brain has a program it operates. We, as the programmer keep running the same program over and over until something within us years for a change. Our program begins with our genes we inherited from our parents. These are triggered by what we came in to complete. Haven’t you noticed that in families how different siblings are? Some select certain genes and others select another set of genes; while they are different, they also share common genes. One child may be inclined to one talent while another demonstrates another talent.

In our programming, we are open-minded when we are first born. The way our parents, relatives and peers interact with us and teach us, adds to our program. We are heavily programmed by religion, schools, politics, the entertainment world, and advertising. When we accept the beliefs of others, we become powerless.

Women over eons have become the most prejudiced against genders. Theirs is a heavy-demeaning programming. Today there are many women who are waking up and realizing that there is much more to them than the old programming. Once the awakening comes, it is as H.R. Halderman once said, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube once it is out. It is up to each of us to look within and find the jewel of our talent or talents and to utilize them. We are each unique beings with our own signature. We need no stamp of approval outside of our self. We only need our own approval. We can change our minds and our programming by choosing carefully our thoughts and our attitudes. It takes practice over and over until it becomes a different program. The key is to never give up. We have the mind to do it.

How do I know this? I have been on a spiritual journey for nearly 40 years and I attribute my greatest growth to Ramtha the Enlightened One and I have been a student of his for over 18 years. As Sir Francis Bacon wrote: Knowledge is power.

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