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The Magdalene Matriarchial Link - Part 3

Many writers and theologians have stated that Mary Magdalene is a descendent of the Hasmonean Dynasty. I have researched extensively and have found no connection. The Hasmonean Dynasty is mentioned in Book I of the Maccabees. They ruled from approximately from 140 BCE to 37 BCE. The books of the Maccabees are not in the Old Testament, although they are a vital part of the Jewish belief system. Before 140 BCE the area of Palestine was ruled by Seleucid a Hellenistic successor to one of the states of Alexander the Great, which sprang up after Alexander’s death. Seleucid was cruel and murdered many Jewish people because they would not conform to Seleucid’s form of religion.

A Jewish family rose up in protest and made war on Seleucid. They were given the name of Maccabees meaning Hammer because they hammered at the army of Seleucid until they won. Thus began the Hasmonean Dynasty. The rule of the Maccabees or Hasmonean Dynasty ended when Herod defeated them with the aid of the Romans. Herod murdered all relatives of the Maccabees and the line became extinct in 7 B.C. If all the relatives of the Maccabees/Hasmonean Dynasty were murdered, then Mary Magdalene could not have been of this lineage. There is always a possibility that a few survived, however there is no evidence.

Having read almost every book written about Mary Magdalene, Jesus and the Holy Grail, I am observing in my reading that a crucial aspect has been omitted form reportedly scholarly research, Yes, I know that there are books by Laurence Gardner, Marilyn Hopkins and Tim Wallace that purport that the royal lineage of Mary Magdalene and Jesus is called Rex Deus. If one studies European history and understands the bloodline is carried by the female, then the genealogy is muddied for those who claim royalty lineage. Although I agree with some of these authors' information, there is a crucial aspect missed and this is the origins of the Hebrew Old Testament and Talmud as well as the much quoted Josephus, a Roman Jew historian.

There are scholars who have researched ancient Egyptian history and I received my first jolt when I began reading Immanuel Velikovsky's book Ages in Chaos. Velikovsky had a problem with finding no mention of the Israelites/Hebrews in Egyptian history revealed by ancient papyri, steles, bas-reliefs at Karnak, paintings in tombs. And yet, he thought that their histories were so similar, but there was an 600 year difference in the Hebrew and Egyptian histories. He finally found the key and this was that the counting of years was different for the Egyptians and the Hebrews. I also learned from Velikovsky that the pharaohs and kings had more than one name. Thus they could have a birth name, a nickname, a throne name, and a name used in foreign countries. Velikovsky wasn't the only author tracking this.

Ralph Ellis has written a series of books that coincide in part with Velikovsky. There are other Egyptian scholars who such as Ahmed Osman, Moustafa Gadalla and Messod and Roger Sabbah. The general concensus is that the Hebrews/Israelites were actually the Hyksos/Alamites who conquered northern Egypt, thus creating the separation of lower and upper Egypt or north and south. The Old Testament books of Kings, Chronicles, Numbers and Deuteronomy is the history of the Egyptians and the Hyksos/Alamites. A fascinating revelation!

The most astounding revelation of all is that the Pharaoh Akhnaton was Moses although Ellis thinks Akhnaton was the brother of Moses - Aaron. The Hebrews did not come into being until the great Exodus. It is alleged that King David, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba were Hyksos pharaohs. What does this have to do with Mary Magdalene, Jesus and their bloodline? Everything. I will write more about the great Exodus in my next posting along with why I wrote in my two books Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls and Mary Magdalene, Her Legacy that Mary Magdalene was a descendant of the Queen of Sheba and more on the Black Madonnas.

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As I begin this posting of Part 2 of The Magdalene Matriarchal Link, I am often amazed at the number of writers that have glossed over the ancient history of the Sumerians. This is the reason I have gone back to the beginning of the human in order to understand bloodlines and their connection to the mitochondria. To the left is the remains of the Temple of Ninhursag, Tell Harrii, Syria near Iraq border.

I am only giving a brief overview and for those who want to know more, I suggest reading Zechariah Sitchen's books or googling the information wanted. It is indeed a most interesting history of the human race.

According to my understanding of the Pantheon of Sumerian Gods aka the elite of the Annunaki from the planet Nibiru, they were highly educated beings from another planet who found planet Earth with its primitive beings. In Part I, I have already given the background to the creation of the human form including its brain by a great geneticist Ninhursag. I am fortunate to have as my teacher, Ramtha for over twenty years. I was taught the rudiments of quantum physics, ancient history, the brain, the emotional body, and many other profound subjects. We students were encouraged to research and find out for ourselves. It did not take much encouragement for me to do so because I became intrigued with ancient hidden history when I read Ruth Montgomery's book The World Before in 1979.

In Part I, I placed an ancient drawing of Ninhursag portraying the result of her genetic engineering. One only has to drop the old thinking of the world is flat, the Bible is truth, Jesus died on the cross for everyone's sins and my God is better than your God to have a better understanding of who we really are. Shakespeare said it very well, All the world is a stage and we are the players on it. I know some people will be offended, but we are similar to puppets and who or what is pulling our strings? Eventually we learned we have a soul and some belief that a spirit inhabits the human body. Both of these statements are true as well as we are all part of the great mosaic of the primary Creator. This also means we have god within us. God is not outside of us and there is not only one God. Each of us have a mission to fulfill and that is as Ramtha has said to make known the unknown.

The human brain was created by Ninhursag. She is also known by other names such as Mama, Mami or Mammy and Queen of the Mountain, goddess of the earth, goddess of fertility and the Mother Goddess. Archaeologists have excavated the Temple of Ninhursag close to Tell Harri in Syria near the Iraquian border. Could it be that the statues of the Black Madonnas had their origin in honoring the memory of Ninhursag? Could it be that this is where the legend of Isis came from? History is the fluid movement of others’ recollections.

As the ancient Sumerian tablets reveal, Enlil felt the new humans were propagating too fast and be wanted them destroyed. His brother Enki and Ninhursag disagreed and when a family meeting was held, Enlil won. He exacted a promise from Enki and Ninhursag that they would not tell the humans that they were to be destroyed by creating a major flood to drown them.

Enki loved these beings because he had given his sperm to be used in creating them. There are Sumerian pictographs depicting Enki speaking through a curtain to one of the humans by the name of Ziusudra and this is suppose to represent Enki giving instructions on saving himself and the seeds created in the laboratory. The Sumerian and Babylonian records of the great flood are very similar to the description given in the Old Testament.

Ziusudra is another name for Noah and in all probability Enki was giving instructions for making a submarine so that Ziusudra/Noah’s family could be saved. The biblical story gives the synopsis that Noah brought animals into the Ark/submarine two by two. Very few people have ever questioned how this could be done. If one were to reason it, the genetic laboratory created by Enki and Ninhursag would have the DNA and genes of all species and it would be reasonable that vials holding these precious DNAs would be given to Ziusudra/Noah along with the how-to create them in a laboratory.

Egyptian hieroglyphs depict helicopters, submarines and airships. These are also described in ancient Indian texts. Therefore this makes more sense than what we have been led to believe. Enki is also known as Mercury, Thoth, Hermes and Osiris. It can be mind-boggling to think that the human species were created over 300,000 years ago, but then the Nephilim year was equal to 3600 of Earth years. The question is what intelligence occupies the humans as they have evolved? Ninhursag with the help of Enki created the vehicle or body, but the spirit and soul of God or the Creator of All occupies it for the exploration of making known an unknown. We are more than our bodies. As humans, we carry the DNA of the advanced Annunaki and also that of the primitive being already living on this planet.

Part 3 will reveal more about the Bloodline.

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There are questions I have asked myself such as why is the bloodline of Mary Magdalene and Jesus so important? Why have the many Catholic churches been given names that include Magdalene and Mary in them? Why has the Church attempted to hide the true greatness of Mary Magdalene? Why are there so many Black Madonnas in churches? Why do so many attribute healings to Mary Magdalene? Why have the Knights Templar kept her memory alive? Why have artists painted her? These are all interesting questions and they really have not been answered by the authors of the many books written about Mary Magdalene. I have also wondered by the many churches dedicated to John the Baptist and also to James, Peter, Paul and other apostles. If Jesus was the only son of God, then why aren't these churches reflecting more of Jesus, a male God instead of the feminine?
The last big question I have asked is why are women the most suppressed and abused species on this planet? When I first began researching for my book Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, I began finding information that most biblical scholars overlook. It has been similar to putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Instead of beginning with Mary Magdalene and Jesus, I am going back to the beginnings of how the human was created. I have heard that the answer is in the question. Therefore, I am going back to Genesis in the Bible.

Genesis 1:26-27: Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him: male and female He created them."

These two verses are not fully understood by the clergy who teach the people. Wouldn't you say that these two verses are in conflict, or are they revealing something not understood? There is not just one God. The Christians think their God is the only one and the Muslims think Allah is the only God. These beliefs come from programming of the human mind and it is time to begin unraveling this limited thinking.

The author Zechariah Sitchen asked questions when as a young boy in class to learn the Talmud. When he questioned, the Rabbi told him not to think, but only to accept. This did not satisfy the young boy and when he became an adult, he began a quest. His quest led him to the Sumerian Tablets and he learned to translate them. What he discovered answers the ambiguity of the two verses of Genesis I quoted above. Sitchen has written a series of books titled The Earth Chronicles, which I devoured in the late 80's and early 90's of the last century.

There were gods who came to this planet Earth approximately 450,000 years ago looking for gold to see their planet's atmosphere and they found it here. These gods were called Annunaki and their home planet Nibiru. I am collapsing time because one Earth year is equal to 3,600 Nibiru years. The ruler of Nibiru was named Anu and he sent his two primary sons Enlil and Enki to take charge of our planet. These two sons were half-brothers and they also had a half-sister Ninhursag. After many thousands of years, the Annunaki workers revolted against working the gold mines and something had to be done.

On this planet were primitive beings. Ninhursag being a brilliant scientist and geneticist began experimenting with these primitive beings in her laboratories all over the world. The one we are aware of is the Garden of Eden. Does that ring a bell? This brilliant scientist working with her brother Enki developed the first human body. There was a problem. The human body could not reproduce. Therefore, it was back to the drawing board and what evolved from the first human named Adam (atom?) was Eve. Ninhursag took the eggs from the female primitive species and genetically engineered it with the sperm of the Annunaki - primarily Enki and the female Annunaki carried these new beings in their wombs until they came to term.

How did the term 'gods' come into being? One suggestion is that the new human beings were the slaves for the Annunaki and referred to their masters using the word gold. Eventually the letter l was dropped and the name became god. What intelligence was operating the bodies of not only the Annunaki, but also the slave beings created. There had to be an intelligence operating their brains. The brains are sophisticated computers.

From what I can perceive, Ninhursag created the human brain and tweaked it by dividing it in two parts. This was done to keep the humans as a slave worker for them. She knew that if she gave them the full brain like the Annunaki that they would become intelligent too soon. She also gave the new species their genetics and DNA. Why do you think scientists have been puzzled over the so-called junk DNA? It is there waiting to be activated by us. Ninhursag also created the mitochondria to where the bloodline could only be passed from mother to daughter.

Books and articles that place women beneath men have contributed to the subjugation of women for eons and are tiresome. While writing about Mary Magdalene for my book Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, I found it a challenge to find any credible history of her era. Men and for the most part, men who were monks wrote the information available. This should tell us something.
Some books list a supposed genealogy of the bloodline of Mary Magdalene and Jesus and this is even more interesting. Men created the so-called reputable charts and only once in a great while is the mother named. As in the case of the Merovingian lineage, a king had children by different women and perhaps one was a wife. The eldest son of the Merovingian king supposedly carried the lineage forward even though the mother was not the queen. Thus, it became that the lineage was handed down from king to king. This in itself is suspect and I wonder if these kings and men of royalty were hatched in an incubator or an oven. The lack of the mother's name is very telling as to the attitudes regarding women. Science today is indicating that this is not so.

There is scientific evidence from archaeology combined with the study of the DNA and genes that it is a possibility women and men came from one woman nicknamed Eve. The primary piece of evidence is called mitochondria. An article by Rebecca Cann of the University of Hawaii, together with her two male coworkers, stunned the scientific world when the article was published in the British journal Nature on January 1, 1987. The article, Mitochondrial DNA and Human Evolution, alleges that all people living on Earth now can date their ancestry back to 200,000 years ago to a particular woman living at that time. Since the article was published, there have been other scientific studies and subsequent research alleges it could have been a group of women. What does this mean for women?It means that the hereditary maternal DNA is carried by the mitochondria, which is passed from mother to daughter. Any mitochondria in the male sperm dies and is not passed to the daughters or the sons. Therefore, if a man and woman have only sons, the woman’s mitochondria carrying the lineage dies out. When a son with no female sibling marries a woman and they have a daughter, then that woman’s mitochondria DNA is passed down. From my perspective, it would be quite onerous to trace the lineage unless one knew who the females were.

The ancient Egyptians knew this and this is why a Pharaoh as a father or a son would marry a daughter and have a child in order to carry the bloodline. What is the mitochondrial? From the science reports I have researched, the general consensus is that it carries the power of the energy of a cell. It could also be called the power generator of the cell. The mitochondria also have other functions, but for the purpose of this article, I want to emphasize the importance it has in tracing a lineage because the mitochondria also has its own DNA. I find it a tragedy that down through the ages and today in some cultures, it is the male child who is desired and in a few cultures the female baby is killed.

Due to attitudes of men of history, almost all knowledge of powerful and wonderful women has been either suppressed or eradicated. In some instances such as Mary Magdalene, Cleopatra, Lucretia Borgia, and Marie Antoinette, they have been portrayed as either sinners or in unflattering terms. I chose to portray Mary Magdalene as a powerful woman in her own right and I used my research to write this story in novel form. She was the wife of Jesus and they had two children—a girl and a boy.

I have three sons and therefore my mitochondria is not passed down. It stops with me, however my sister had three girls and they will carry on the line. My granddaughters now carry the maternal lineage through their mothers’ mitochondria. I primarily raised my sons alone, as their father was a career military man and away two-thirds of our married life. This arrangement gave me the opportunity to raise my sons as I wanted to and they have all grown into splendid men. They are loving, caring men and are not prejudice against women.

We, the women must take the responsibility of teaching our sons and daughters that each is an equal. It can begin in the womb. While carrying a child in the womb, the woman can speak to it and begin the teaching along with playing classical music. A fetus is aware in the womb. Now, that is another study in itself.For further research, I recommend reading Zechariah Sitchen’s book The Lost Book of Enki. An excellent website is from a NOVA documentary, Tracing Ancestry Through MtDNA,

In my future postings, I will share more about the intelligence operating our bodies and write about Isis and other goddesses.

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Will the True Teachings of Jesus Come Forth?

The Old Testament (OT) could be called a historical treasure hunt while the New Testament (NT) is supposedly about a great man named Jesus or Yeshua ben Joseph. Even in the NT it takes discernment to understand it and very few scholars have the education or the research background to see the obvious unobvious. I personally believe that Jesus lived and that he came to give us a new way of thinking and living. However any documentation of his actual life is a hodgepodge or mishmash of books in the NT. None of the four gospels, i.e. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were written during his lifetime. It is even doubtful that the authors of the four gospels were actually named Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Researchers are realizing this now more than ever.
The travesty that has been perpetuated upon humankind is beyond measure. For the sake of power and misinformation along with mistranslations, the teachings of Jesus have almost been lost. The Christian churches of today teach more about Jesus instead of his message of how to live our lives. The church I grew up in and what I have experienced and observed is that Christianity has become a religion of bigotry, prejudice, hatred, and hypocrisy. This is not what Jesus taught. I find very little tolerance and love coming from a host of those who profess to be Christians.
The basis of the message of Jesus is in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew (chapter 5.) Jesus also is quoted as saying greater things than I, you can do also. (John 5:20. This was altered in some Bibles.) Also in John, Jesus said, Don’t you know your laws say you are gods? (John 10:34 and Psalms 82:6). It is interesting how these important words have been changed, ignored and glossed over. It was Paul (if there was ever a Paul) who made Jesus into the only Christ, and Paul never heard Jesus teach or personally knew him.
In Tony Bushby’s book The Crucifixion of Truth, he lays out with almost impeccable documentation how these books of the NT have been constructed and also how the church has fraudulently changed them. This documentation comes from suppressed church manuscripts. To quote the back cover of his book, Using the scroll discovery, papal statements and the evidence of history, Tony Bushby takes his readers into the shady world of ecclesiastical dishonesty where, for centuries, an unprincipled church plotted and schemed its stratagem to perpetrate and maintain a false faith and exploit a gullible public.
Another interesting book that was published in 2005, is Bart D. Ehrman’s book Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why. Ehrman takes a softer stance and in some instances attributes it to church scribes who either didn’t read well or chose to change it. Ehrman has a background of being a Born Again Christian, a Fundamentalist, an Evangelical Christian and now is a scholar of textual criticism. He attributes much of the mistranslations and misinformation to their humanity. Textual Criticism is described as a field of biblical criticism to establish the original wording or form of the biblical text insofar as this is possible. Dishonesty is still dishonesty when present day clergy and scholars allow the lies to continue to be perpetuated upon the unsuspecting public. My father had a saying, If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck. I say fraud is fraud and if one allows the fraud to continue, then he is as guilty as the ones who created the fraud.
What is refreshing are the books being acknowledged today that are bringing forth the fraud of the Bible. Dan Brown’s book The DaVinci Code written, as a novel is so powerful that the Church became alarmed after it took the world by storm. Books have even been written about breaking the DaVinci code. Another book that is now before the public is Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross. Recently she appeared on the television Prime Time program about Pope Joan with Diane Sawyer. This is going to be made into a movie along with The DaVinci Code. I say hooray for them. My own books, Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls and Mary Magdalene, Her Legacy are the result of extensive research and much of it is not covered in either of the two books mentioned above. I also brought out information about Pope Joan with documentation. In the Prime Time program the naysayers could not accept that there had been a female pope and called it a myth. What they do not realize is that there is always truth in myths. There is a possibility that Leonardo DaVinci was a woman and when further evidence is uncovered, you can bet that there will be a huge hullabaloo. But why not? (The movie Pope Joan has been released according to the New York Times, July 14, 2008) As Sawyer said on the Pope Joan program, women have masqueraded as men for centuries and she showed examples. Leonardo came in at a time when a woman was considered to be little more than a breeding bitch or something for pleasure and also to serve. Two different computer tests have been made on the paintings of DaVinci and the findings indicate that the Mona Lisa is a self-portrait of Leonardo. I have this documented in my book.
Is the NT all bad? Not at all. It is reading it with discernment and separating the wheat from the chaff. Jesus said, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If everyone lived this, we wouldn’t have so many wars, murders, wife beatings, child abuse and so on. Jesus also said, Love the lord, your god with all your heart and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself. If each of us practiced this, we wouldn’t have theft or jealousy or greed. Where did Jesus learn these teachings? That will be another blog posting.
The Bible, meaning the Old Testament and the New Testament has been used to suppress women and to perpetuate the ills that are rampant in this world. It would behoove us to look beyond and only live what Jesus taught. It is as simple as that. Peter wasn’t the first Pope and there is an outside chance that Jesus didn’t say that Peter was to build a church based upon him. Peter was another word for rock – meaning dense. There is so much that has been kept from the public such as Thomas Didymus being Jesus’ twin brother. Or that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus and a great teacher in her own right. She bore him two children. So why should one be surprised that there was actually a Pope Joan? All through the ages the Catholic Church has been rife with lies, fraud, pedophiles, transvestites and homosexuals as priests and popes. The Christian churches have also echoed what the Church perpetuated. It’s time to wake up and see the other side. Read the writings of Thomas. The Book of Thomas. Who should know better than the twin brother?

There is also a trend of modern day authors to use the Old Testament as proof of genealogy regarding Jesus and his bloodline. Now really! The Bible cannot be taken as factual or literally. In my research I have found almost nothing regarding the era from 1 AD until approximately the 5th century that would indicate a thread linking to a genealogy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I have already written about the lineage in other postings. History is a hallucination of events according to the viewpoint of who is writing the history.