Sunday, April 27, 2014


Invisibility? What does it mean to each of us? In contemplating this, I realize that we think we live in a real world because we can see, smell, touch, feel, and hear.  However, there is an invisible self within each of us. During my contemplation, I was reminded of the old radio show (and I know this dates me) where the announcer would say, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Only the Shadow knows." Of course, this referred to the show's hero Lamont Cranston. It came to me that each of us has a shadow self inside, or an invisible self.
     Instead of saying, "who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men," perhaps this can be re-phrased with who knows what guilt lurks in the hearts of men and women. Instead of using guilt and evil, we can substitute fear, anger, jealousy, rage, resentment, failure and other non-productive beliefs and attitudes.
     Beliefs lurk in the invisible or shadow self. One of the most notorious beliefs in many religions is that God is outside of an individual and judging every move a person makes. This belief has created another belief that a person needs a priest,a  pope,a  preacher, a pastor or whatever moniker serves as the only one who can interpret what 'the God' wants people to do. This belief has created judgment, bigotry, prejudices, hatred and war. A great teacher appeared about 2000 years ago and gave a different message that has been twisted and ignored. His great message is found in Matthew, chapter 5 and even this has been misinterpreted in some circles.
     Stemming from these beliefs is the belief that women are not as intelligent as men are and this belief has permeated almost all societies in the world. Only recently, three teen-age girls in Pakistan were buried alive because they ran away so they could marry the men they wanted. It was a tribal custom and these men stoutly defend their right to do this insane action. This happened because of a belief harbored in their invisible self. The suppression and prejudices against women is one of the greatest travesties of all time.
     Beliefs can be insidious such as failure. This belief can feed shame and guilt to the shadow self. I have come to recognize and know that there is no such thing as failure. A supposed failure is only an experience and it can propel one to strive to do greater. If we do not change our belief that failure is bad, then it will remain that way. If we look upon it as an opportunity to be greater and see the wisdom from it, then we have released a burden.
     Beliefs can be seductive such as the belief in money. Money is represented by coins, pieces of paper, credit cards and debt. Have you ever seen real money, or is it intangible and something represents it? There are still people in this world who barter and do quite well by it. They exchange a tangible item for another tangible item or for labor. Most of the world has become ensnared in the invisible world of money or finances.
     Beliefs are invisible and have tangible results because of the frequency they carry. Our hidden thoughts carry a frequency and, these frequencies go out into the quantum soup similar to throwing a pebble into a pool of water and the frequency returns with an experience to match. Do you ever wonder why people think they are victims? It all has to do with their hidden thoughts and beliefs. This also includes emotions, which carry frequencies. What you think, you get back in one form or another to match the frequency.
     This is why I was in agreement with Masaru Emoto's experiments with water.  By taking polluted water and freezing it, he was able to photograph the shape of ice crystals. When he placed the polluted water in a bottle and labeled it with the words of love or gratitude—or both, the form of the crystals became beautiful and the water free of pollution. Wouldn't it perhaps change the world we live in by giving love and gratitude to our self? It is something to think about.
     The words love and gratitude carry a very high frequency and when we send them out from our hidden self, miracles can happen. We touch others and perhaps it makes a difference in them. The act of blessing our food is an ancient ritual because it changes the frequency of the food to be nourishment for the body.
     We think about taking care of our physical body, but too often we allow our thoughts to run amok or we suppress our hurts and emotions. My journey of coming to this understanding has taken many years and in my book Awakening the Genie Within, which gives the reader a broader insight on letting go of old outworn beliefs. It is time to come out of the closet of hidden non-productive beliefs, emotions, experiences and bury them in the graveyard of the past. Life is a wonder and is to be cherished. Peace is born within the mind.