Wednesday, July 30, 2008


History is very much like unraveling a skein of yarn in some respects. On the other hand, history is fluid and changes according to whose perspective one is reading. For the mystique of the Knights Templar to have survived history since the 12th century, I researched this interesting group for my book Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls and Mary Magdalene, Her Legacy. My library is filled with books about the Knights Templar because they are associated with Mary Magdalene, the Holy Grail and are responsible for the architecture of the many Gothic churches in France--especially Chartres.

I am putting forth another perspective. It is known that the group was formed by nine knights while on a Crusade to liberate Jerusalem from the Muslims. It has also been written that they supposedly were digging to locate Solomon's Temple and discovered some sort of treasure. After nine years the group of nine began taking in new members and the group grew and were given the blessings of the Pope, however I am not going into that phase of the Templar.

What I have discovered as a great possibility is something different. In my posting of July 5, 2008 titled Knights Templar - Another Perspective, I wrote of the possibility of Solomon's Temple being in Egypt-actually, Tanis since the Davidic line was known as the Hyksos before the great Exodus. It may appear that I digress at times, however I am tracing a weave--connections. After I read the many books, I began contemplating and questing to find answers. The most obvious possibility that came to me was that if Solomon's Temple was in Egypt, then the nine original Knights Templar would have discovered information about Egyptian Mystery Schools. It is a possibility that these nine men became initiates and brought back to France knowledge and with this knowledge created wealth, cathedrals, and esoteric symbols that are in almost all the Catholic churches.
Europe during this period was barely emerging from the Dark Ages that began in 476 AD. The Dark Ages was an era of ignorance, superstition, repression and social chaos. It was a period of intellectual darkness. The Moors brought to Spain contributions to science, medicine and mathematics while the Catholic Church strived to repress knowledge.
I am putting forth the hypothesis that the Knights Templar learned from a Mystery School. I also wondered where the Moors received their knowledge. The Moors' history is sketchy and they have been called Berbers. The thread leads back to Egypt and the Mystery Schools where Mary Magdalene and Jesus were taught. Their teachings originated from Egypt as did most of the productive verses in the Bible.
Not all of the Knights Templar died under the hands of the Inquisition and King Philip. They went underground so that knowledge could be preserved and it has emerged under many guises.
The symbol at the beginning of this posting is a Euro coin. The figure is of the Vitruvian Man first drawn by Leonarda Da Vinci depicting the cosmos man in the shape of a pentagram. The pentagram or the five-pointed star is a sacred symbol and if you look at the symbol of the Euro coin, it has 12 stars. Twelve and there were twelve Annunaki rulers and the planet was divided into 12 segments with each segment having 12 tribes. The number twelve is most interesting, because we have 12 inches make one foot. There were 12 tribes according to the Hebrews and there are 12 months in a year. Jesus had 12 disciples. The Twelve Days of Christmas also has an inner meaning and these twelves all have threads leading back to the Annunakis. Plato in his paper Law picked up on this. And, if we had 12 tribes in 12 sections, then we have the 144. Therefore each person on this planet belongs to one of the 12 sectors and is part of the 144. Interesting what a few threads will reveal.