Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The I Am Method for Disciplining Children

In the wisdom of my years, I recognize a great thing when I see it. I recently read a story about how a mother came up with teaching a child – not by spanking but by the “I Am” method. I think it is one of the most brilliant ideas re child-rearing I have ever heard about.

The idea is that when a child does something ‘wrong’, that instead of spanking, time out or sending to the room, that the parent sits the child down and makes the child look straight into the eyes of the parent and then repeat slowly the following:

I am Smart

I am Talented

I am Creative

I am Trustworthy

I am Loyal

I am Truthful

I am Kind

I am Loving

I am Brilliant

I am Skillful

I am Honest, and most of all

I am Beautiful.

Please place this in a place where you will remember and when the time comes – use it with your child/your children.

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