Monday, August 11, 2008


Within every individual there is a spirit connected to the Source and I call this spirit Genie. If the Genie is kept in the lamp of forgetfulness, this allows for abuse. For most individuals, the Genie was put back into the lamp or the bottle of forgetfulness by religions hundreds of years ago and it has been perpetuated by men who for the most part write history, or his-story.

Eons ago, women and men had a direct connection to their Genie. As religion began its encroachment into various countries, the Genie was put back into the lamp and the people were taught that they had to have an intermediary to the Source. The Source became the God out there in a nebulous place. For hundreds of years religions have taught that man is superior to women and women became chattels, breeding-bitches, and slaves. The divine rights of women were stripped from them. One only has to read scriptures of the various religious texts to realize this. What has been done to women could be called rape of the mind. Ancient history has been stripped of most information regarding women who ruled, contributed to society and were honored as women being equal to men.

Today the abuse of women and children is still rampant. In the arena of war, women and children are raped and women are often sold into slavery as prostitutes. We in the Western world have made some great strides, but there is still the 'good old boy network.' In today's world, little has changed except that special interests have joined religions by seducing the minds of women and men into thinking that sexy is the thing to be. Humanity is treading in a mind field with the individual being blasted with subliminal programming and visuals on the news of war, visuals in films of violence, commercials and ads leading people to think they are ill so they need to take this medication. Is it any wonder that people cannot think for themselves?

All is not lost. An individual can still let the Genie out of the lamp and become free-thinkers instead of one of the herd. As in olden times, one can make a sacrifice and today the sacrifice is to turn off the television and spend time with self. That can be fearful, because the individual will be bombarded with a tape playing in their mind of shoulds and should nots. It takes courage to drop out of the herd and become an individual free-thinker. I know because at age fifty I did this. I share tools that I used to change my thinking - my mind and releasing the Genie within. My latest book Awakening the Genie Within can change a life. It changed mine. In my book I use the symbol above, because I realized that it is really an ancient symbol for the brain. Read my book and learn why.

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