Sunday, September 14, 2008


We are living in a chaotic time with turmoil erupting and spewing all over the world. Here in the U.S. we have a nominee for vice-president and there is much controversy regarding her qualifications and her ability to govern for all the people. Having read many articles about Sarah Palin, I began to think of the qualifications I want to have in a woman who would represent my interests in a fair way. Here are my list of qualifications for any woman in a position of power:

QUALIFICATIONS: (Some of them.)

* A wise woman will be open-minded and willing to see all sides of the issues.
*A wise woman will be able to stand the heat and friction of adversities and adversaries.
*A wise woman will remove herself from favoritism or cronyism. Friends are not always the best allies.
*A wise woman would study the issues in depth before making decisions.
*A wise woman will seek counsel from wise people and then use her innate knowing to make a decision.
*A wise woman will not force her spiritual/religious beliefs on others, but allow each to have her or his own connection to God.
*A wise woman will keep religion out of politics.
*A wise woman may not condone abortion, but will not support restrictions on the way a woman chooses to use her body.
*A wise woman will be courageous, have integrity and uphold the Constitution of the United States.
* A wise woman has a fountain of knowledge and wisdom and uses her mind accordingly.

Is it possible to have a woman with the above qualities lead this country? I would hope so. I am one of the first to admit that not all women have admirable qualities just as there are men who do not have admirable qualities. However, there are women and men who have integrity, are honorable and speak their truth. It is time for them to come forward to lead this nation and it can begin with only one person to lead the way.

It is time for people all over the world to move out of flatlander thinking and open their minds to a grander future. It is time to awaken to conscious awareness and take responsibility for one's words, thoughts and actions.
I have used the image of the Goddess Athena or some call her Goddess Minerva. She represents Wisdom and Truth and is also a Warrior.

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