Friday, December 05, 2008


Yes, I have created the For Freedom Now Project and what does that have to do with being a Shift-Changer? Everything. I have long had a love affair with words and during my lifetime, I have come to understand the power of words. Some words are weak such as 'maybe' because in indicates indecision. Two words that I have used in the past and I know others use it constantly are 'cannot' or 'can't'. Cannot or can't indicate that something will not happen or will not be done. I recently heard someone speak about someone out of work and the statement made was "he can't get a job." Well, as long as 'can't' is used, he won't.

So, how can we change bad or unhappy situations around? It only takes two words to change anything as long as these words are spoke or thought sincerely. These two words are the foundation of the For Freedom Now Project. The first word is love or LOVE and it carries within it a powerful frequency when said with sincerity. Masaru Emoto has proven through his experiments that by placing the word Love on the outside of a bottle of polluted water, that after a short period of time the water will become clean. Now that is power! Love is Source power or as some will say God-power.

Gratitude is another powerful word. Gratitude goes hand-in-hand with 'thank you' and especially when spoke or thought of with sincerity. Gratitude carries a frequency that can also change many things. The ancients knew the power of gratitude and this is why blessing our food and blessing others was handed down through the ages. Gratitude or thank you when spoken over a meal or a glass of water or wine, can change the molecular structure.

The Freedom Now Project is very simple and all that is required is a commitment to focus or pray once a day (or more) using the words love and gratitude and encompass the world with these two words. These two words will link us mind-to-mind and when done with thoughtfulness and intent, we can shift the awareness of the world from abuse, poverty, war, enslavement, bigotry, prejudice, rape, and enable the world to evolve into something greater. This is the time to heal our woundedness. Now is the opportunity to heal and give to the world a shift that will lift it up into something evolutionary.

Again, please join me in this project. For more information:

Bettye Johnson

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