Monday, September 21, 2009


In reading Dan Brown's latest book, The Lost Symbol, I applaud him for his magnificent research and his knowledge of symbols and ciphers. His book is one to read if one wants to understand the symbolism of the Freemasons and their effect on our nation's capitol. Several years ago, I traveled to Washington D.C. and visited our nation's Capitol. Having been a student of symbols for many years, it was easy to see much of the Masonic symbolism in our capitol building plus more.

There is an unobvious obvious that Dan Brown did not touch on, but then he was developing his plot based on Masonic symbols, which are primarily universal symbols.

When I first arrived at the Capitol, I looked up and what I noted was a 19 1/2 foot bronze statue crowning the dome. This statue is a woman named the Statue of Freedom. Now, what is a woman doing gracing the top of the United States Capitol? The creator of this marvelous statue was a Thomas Crawford and it has graced the top of the Capitol since 1863 with the original and formal name of Freedom in War and Peace.

What astounded me as I walked around the Capitol Rotunda and over the entries into the Capitol was the unobvious obvious feminine principle depicted in the frescoes, pediments and sculptured statues.

For instance, when entering the entrance to the Capitol, there is a pediment over the entryway titled "Genius of America" representing Justice, USA and Hope, which are female figures. Together with Justice, USA and Hope there is a female figure named Peace protecting Genius represented by the goddess Minerva, also known as the goddess Athena. A Roman/Greek goddess in our U.S. Capitol Building? However, wait; this is not the only depiction of Minerva/Athena.

The pediment over the House wing is titled Apotheosis of Democracy. Interesting word - apotheosis. It's sub-title is Peace Protecting Genius and this is depicted by a female figure representing Peace. Peace points to a youthful winged figure named Genius holding a torch signifying immortality. The wings signify knowledge and wisdom. The pediment was done by Paul Wayland Bartlett (1865-1925). Again we have the feminine principle as the primary figure.

Entering the great Rotunda, one looks up and sees the Apotheosis of Washington representing George Washington rising to the Heavens surrounded by female figures representing Liberty, Victory and Fame. According to the dictionary I used, apotheosis means deification or godlike. On the perimeter of this marvelous fresco are six other frescoes. One is dedicated to Science and portrays Minerva/Athena teaching Benjamin Franklin, Robert Fulton and Samuel F.B. More while she is pointing to an electric generator creating energy in stored batteries.

Another fresco is titled War and the female America stands in a chariot while holding a sword aloft with a eagle by the chariot. Moving on to another fresco, we have Marine showing Neptune, god of the seas in a boat with the goddess of love, Venus laying a transatlantic cable. I find this very interesting to contemplate. The frescoes of Commerce and Mechanics portray men while the one named Agriculture has the goddess Ceres sitting on a McCormick reaper.

The feminine principle, which has been almost ignored for eons, is well and alive in our U.S. Capitol. However, those who are our representatives appear to be oblivious to this. It is the unobvious obvious. Only when we unify the female-male principles in balance will we have peace, justice and true justice.

Unfortunately there are those who will read this book and reject its powerful message sprinkled throughout and these are the ones who have a narrow or closed mind. We are moving into a new age and the truth is being revealed, however the close minded people will be blinded and fearful of organizations such as the Ramtha School of Enlightenment that teaches students to expand their minds and to look within for their own salvation.

There is an old adage that says many eons ago four wise sages were creating the human form and one asked 'where will we put God?' One sage, let's put God in the ocean because the human will never look there. The other sages disagreed, saying "No, they will conquer the oceans." Another spoke up and said, "Let's put God in the sky" and again the other sages disagreed by saying, "No, the human will conquer the sky." A third sage spoke up and said, "Let's put God in deep in the Earth" and the others shook their heads no while saying "No, the human will conquer the Earth." A fourth sage smiled and said, "I know where to put God. Let's put God inside the human. They will never think of looking there." And so it has been.

Dan Brown's book The Lost Symbol is an excellent book that has brought the Masons into a true perspective of what the organization is truly about. I am delighted to have this understanding since my maternal grandfather was a Mason and my mother a member of the Eastern Star. Nevertheless, wouldn't it be even more wonderful if there were no separation of the male and female in the Masons? And wouldn't it be even greater if the word 'man' was not used as being the human form? Why not use the word 'human'? This includes both woman and man. It is something to think about.

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