Thursday, September 10, 2009


What is mind? Very few people understand this question. From a layperson, I will say that our brain is like a sophisticated computer. Whatever we think, feel and accept ideas from outsides sources are put into a data bank and this becomes our mind. It is due to outside sources that the way we believe and the way we think influences us. To understand how our mind can be manipulated, we can go back to the past as recent as the past eight months.

This year has been an interesting year to observe. During the Cheney/Bush years, the Religious Right had its heyday. In researching the Religious Right, I learned that it actually began in the early nineties of the last century when Pat Robertson said at a Christian Coalition meeting, "We are not coming up against just human beings to beat them in elections. We're going to be coming up against spiritual warfare." Spiritual warfare? From my progressive education, spiritual warfare is a misnomer because if it is spiritual, there can be no warfare. In order to re-educate the mind, I would say this is bigoted warfare.

During the these years and continuing through the Cheney/Bush administration, it would appear that these co-called religious people were in a comfort zone because they were fighting abortion, yet happy that this country was at war because it was killing Muslims. This is spiritual? Somehow, I find this a contradiction. If it is wrong to have an abortion, then it should also be wrong to approve of war unless a country is attacked first. Every person has a right to defend his/herself. Could this be a way to build up an army? Meaning, that a woman's job is to bear children so they can grow up to fight and possibly be killed or maimed.

It would appear that the Religious Right infiltrated the Republican Party and it has become the Religious Right/Conservative Party. Craig Berkman, a former chairman of the Republican Party in Oregon is reported to have said this:

"They have acquired a very detailed and accurate understanding of how political parties are organized. Parties are very susceptible to being taken over by ideologues because lower party offices have no appeal to the vast majority of our citizenry. Many precincts are represented by no one. If you decide all of a sudden because it's your Christian duty to become a precinct representative, you only need a few votes to get elected."

This is important: "Many precincts are represented by no one." Few people fully understand the role of a Precinct Chairman Officer is. These people are powerful and if you want to make a difference, become a Precinct Chairman Officer in your state. Search Google for additional information.

It is my understanding that none of these so-call religious people thought that Obama would win the election. The inauguration day was an awesome turning point for this country. Nothing like this had happened before and a black man was sworn in as President of the United States of America.

I sense that these Religious Rights people were reeling from shock and now that President Obama has taken drastic measures to pull the U.S. out of a quagmire of economic woes that began during the Cheney/Bush regime and before, we are seeing the emerging of bigotry and prejudices. The most shocking ones that I have learned about are two pastors of the Baptist sect who declare for everyone to hear that they wish Obama would die. There are the religionists who are fearful of anything President Obama introduces and the real telling point is when they did not want their children to watch the video of Obama speaking to the children of this country. If one were to scratch the surface, one would find the deep-rooted prejudice that he is not a white man. That is spiritual? I asked myself how this mindset came about.

I remember as a child of age four that with my parents' permission that my sister and I were allowed to go to a Wednesday night prayer meeting with next-door neighbors. Nothing had prepared me for this 'holy roller' meeting. I know I was frightened by what the pastor said and then the people went into a frenzy of ecstasy and some fell down and began rolling on the floor. I was scared and ran outside and stayed until the meeting was over. The residue stayed with me for a few years and I was afraid to think of God, because if I did then God would strike me dead. This was a form of mind programming. Later when my family began attending a Methodist Church, I became aware of the hypocrisy I observed and I was turned off of religions.

Religions have kept women in bondage and one only has to research the Mormon sect, Catholic sect, Christian sects and the sects of Islam. An example is the Quiverfull movement, which brainwashes the women to think that their womb is meant to have children and if a woman were to die in childbirth, then that would be okay. If one were to scratch the surface, I think we would learn that whoever created the Quiverfull had a sex problem. When I was growing up, I heard often the saying, "Keep a woman barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen," meaning their place is in the home and to keep them ignorant. We can laugh at this however; there are people who actually have this ignorant mindset. This is one way to program the mind of both men and women and the program is passed on in the form of fear.

For centuries, the majority of the population on this Earth has had their minds manipulated. One might ask 'How?' The major culprits of the manipulations are easy to find by observing the two major religions. What better way to control people than to teach them fear. Using the treatment of women as an example…and this is a big example. Women have been treated as second-class humans and it has only been within the past 100 years that the role of women has been changing. This has been an uphill battle and it is not over yet.

In my years of research, observing and interacting with many women, I learned that most religions use a single God 'out there' who has told the priests, popes, preacher, pastors, etc that the word of God is that women should be submissive to their husbands. Nothing could be further from the truth. These fear messages are actually man messages. An example of this is the use of the word hell. "You will go to hell," is a condemnation for not agreeing with whoever says it. I know a man who was told this and his reply was, "I've already been there and I conquered it;" meaning he had no fear.

The greatest tool to instill fear is to use Satan or the Devil such as "If you do this or that, Satan is in you." Or, "You are condemned to hell or purgatory if you do not follow the dictates of the Church." People have been burned at the stake for not being blind followers of the Catholic Church and many of these people were women who were considered witches. These women had an inner knowingness and used their abilities to heal people. It was fearful to the Church for women to have beneficial abilities that they did not have.

In our modern day, there are other avenues in addition to religions that influence and manipulate the minds such advertisements, television, movies and the medical modalities. One of the current blatant one is "The flu season is here and it is time to get a flu shot." This instills fear in the minds of many people. A side effect of this is that a large number of these people who get flu shots become ill with the flu. Most people are programmed to rely on the medical modality as being the cure-all, when according to Dr. Barbara Starfield of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health; doctors are the third leading cause of death (250,000 per year) after heart disease and cancer.

In the U.S., we have become a nation of fears and it is time for us to take back our own individual power by developing our innate power of discernment. Women are beginning to develop this and to a degree so are some men. Each of us must develop our own path in life and not depend upon religions, television, movies and advertisements to manipulate our minds.

If we do not do our own research, then we become controlled and powerless. Change your mind and you change your world.

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