Friday, April 08, 2011

Retrograde Versus Progress

Unfortunately here in the United States we have a mindset that is endeavoring to move women's rights back into medieval times. I am appalled at the mentality of men in power. A case in point is North Carolina's current bill SB31 which will make holistic healers felons and be sent to prison. In other words, only licensed AMA physicians and those who push the pharmaceutical drugs will be allowed to practice. This is a travesty and especially for women who make up the majority of holistic medicine. It is a fact that more people die from mainstream doctors and medications than from holistic practioners and herbal use. We, as a country are in retrograde.

Another aspect of retrograde is the U.S. representatives wanting to do away with Planned Parenthood and thus we have an impasse with the U.S. budget. I won't go into the qualities of having Planned Parenthood as one can Google it and learn about how it helps women and men to make wise choices. By doing away with Planned Parenthood, abortion would be outlawed. What most people do not understand is that a fetus may not want to be born to a woman who does not want it. In other words, the spirit of the fetus also has choices. It has up to a year after birth to decide to stay or die. An aborted fetus always has eternal life and will come again to someone who wants it. Why is there is such an anti-abortion mentality? Is this so that these babies can be brought up to be in the military and then get killed? It just does not make sense. These same men in the seat of power have a history of promiscious sex and of course, few of them would support a child born out of wedlock. Oh, the hipocrisy of it all!

If ones sifts through the mindset of those who are pursuing shoving women back into the dark ages, one will find that there is a fear-based mindset that women are smarter than men. These type of men who can be bought by the pharmaceutical companies and other corporate world entities, enjoy the power they can wield and to hell with women.

It is time for women to become vocal. It almost happened in the sixties, however the challenge is that women did it to themselves because they could not as a collective agree. One has only to read Roseanne Barr's book, "Roseannearchy" to understand how the women's movement fell part. One of the most obvious culprit was Phyllis Schlafly. She was a lawyer, had about 8 children and became the Republican's darling. She was also well paid for her speaking tours. She helped to shut down the Equal Rights Amendment. Here is one of her quotes: "ERA means abortion funding, means homosexual privileges, means whatever else." The Republicans have now created a clone of Schlafly and that is Sarah Palin. What an afront to women!

Right now, I am on my soapbox. When I was growing up in Texas, there was an old saying that I abhor. "Keep the women, barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen." I am also against Christianity as it is practiced today by the majority who think they are Christians. I am a retired minister of Divine Science and know the Bible. It is interesting how men who profess to be Christians mis-interpret the teachings of Jesus. All one has to do is read Matthew, Chapter 5. This is the Sermon on the Mount and read about doing to others as you would have them to do to you as well as 'love your neighbors' as yourself.' This is said to be the greatest sermon ever said. And yet, it is tarnished by those in the pulpits.

Being a mother of three sons, I am not anti-male. I have three beautiful adult sons and I am proud of their accomplishments. Their father was a career military man who spent 2 tours in Vietnam – a war that ushered in the use of drugs into this country. It was a fight over the 'Golden Triangle' – the largest opium producing and heroin production in the world until in this century Afghanistan moved to the top of the list. Drug the population and gain control and now we are ruled by Corporate World. However, all is not lost.

We as individuals can only take care of ourselves and for those who have small children, teach them the Sermon on the Mount. It is also to let go of our fears, our prejudices, and to mentally step back and see things as they are, but not follow the crowd. In the midst of change of chaos we can individually be honorable people. There are major earth changes already in motion and we can ride the waves by creating our own individual lives for the future. We are indeed, the future.

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