Thursday, July 24, 2008

Awakening the Genie Within

It's here! My latest book can now be ordered on-line from my website It could take up to 8 weeks for the books to be available on and
Bookstores can order the book through Ingram or Baker and Taylor.
Here is a blurb:
What happens when a 40-year-old woman hears a voice, or a thought saying. By the time you are 50 your life will be different? My latest book is a memoir and a self-help for others. I share my journey of discovering the latent intelligence within me. I have explored numerous modalities while developing my own tools for moving from ignorance into knowing. I say that all people are seeking fulfillment of some kind and I share my realizations and experiences--together with the many tools I found productive in my own personal transition. This book will be a great gift for others.


karla said...

I love this book. It has answered many qwesting thoughts and continues to be a catalyst for more thought.
It has provoked me to ask the hard questions of my existence concerning judgement, character and forgivness.
Bettye has a way of gently bring profound awareness's to the reader without being preachie or condensending.
Every word written is craddled with loving intent to assist the readers evolution twards their Godself.

spiritwalker54 said...

So in essence what your were saying in Mary Magdalene and the Queen of Sheba points to the fact the Mary and Jesus were African and not white European as it is so often depicted around the world.