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Mary Magdalene and the Queen of Sheba

The picture to the left has played a very interesting part in ancient history and from my perspective she has a great deal to do with Mary Magdalene, King Solomon and the Davidic lineage. This is the Queen Pharaoh Hatshepsut of Egypt. She has been one of the most mysterious feminine figures in the Old Testament.
When I began my research for the history and lineage of Mary Magdalene, I learned that there is no history except what is in the New Testament according to traditional writers and researchers. I then began researching alternative, or little known history that is the Egyptian history. I wondered why Jesus and his family went to Egypt when King Herod wanted to kill him and supposedly killed all baby boys. I also wondered why in Matthew 2:15 there was the verse, from out of Egypt I call my son. My own research has brought me greater insights and validity of Mary Magdalene's lineage coming through the Egyptian/Ethiopian royalty. This also indicates that Jesus also was linked to Egyptian lineage since he was supposedly from the line of David.
Being a retired minister, I have long questioned many things about the Bible. My research led me to scholarly research of Egypt and Ethiopia. I have learned that there are ancient documents such as the Papyrus Ipuwer, Papyrus Ermitage, steles, drawings in tombs and at Karnak along with Josephus-Manetho. In my previous posting I wrote of the Exodus and that the Hebrews were actually Hyksos and also called Amalekites. According to Immanuel Velikovsky, Ralph Ellis and other Egyptian scholars, it was after the great Exodus that the Hyksos/Alamites changed their names to Hebrew/Israelites and the Old Testament is primarily the history of them with name changes. I am going to use the word Hyksos for the period I am writing about.
King Solomon was a Hyksos pharaoh with the name of Sheshong I and his father King David was called Pharaoh Psuesennes II. During this period of history, it was common usage for there to be intermarriage between father-daughter, mother-son and brother-sister in order to keep the bloodline in tact among royalty. From my research, the Queen of Sheba was a title and not a country as so many researchers have have alleged although there is absolutely no proof that Sheba was in Arabia or Saba as claimed.
When the Hyksos were paid to leave Egypt by the Theban pharaoh and journeyed into Canaan, they changed their names and the names of their pharaohs/kings. A few examples are: Abram was changed to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Jacob to Israel and Hosea to Joshua. Apparently, not wanting to refer to her by name, the queen who traveled to see Solomon was called the Queen of Sheba. The Queen of Sheba as a title means several things such as Queen of the South indicating she came from southern Egypt or from Ethiopia, and Queen of Stars and also God's Wife. This particular Queen of Sheba was also the Queen Pharaoh Hatsheptsut of Egypt/Ethiopia.
As the Bible states, she and King Solomon copulated and a son was born. The Kebra Negast has named this son Menelek I and the late Ethiopian Emperor Hallie Salassie had the title of the Lion of Juda and claimed he was of the same lineage as Jesus.
My research also brought forth that there is an ancient city in Ethiopia named Magdala, which was an important trade route from the Far East. There have been books written about the Ark of Covenant being kept in Ethiopia at Assum and there are other connections. Therefore, it is plausible that Mary Magdalene was a descendent of the Queen of Sheba/Hatshepsut and King Solomon. With both Mary Magdalene and Jesus being descendents of the Davidic royal lineage, they would naturally have a connection with Ethiopia and this indicates access to the Ancient Schools of Wisom, which were located on the banks of the Nile River with each school representating a stage of study that delves into the purpose of the seven seals in every person's body. However, that is another story in itself.
How and why did the Knights Templar select Mary Magdalene to revere and to build the many gothic churches? Was the bloodline only for royalty, or was it to perpetuate knowledge learned regarding the true purpose and divinity within every individual?

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spiritwalker54 said...

So in essence what your were saying in Mary Magdalene and the Queen of Sheba points to the fact the Mary and Jesus were African and not white European as it is so often depicted around the world.