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The Knights Templar - Another Point of View

There is a mystique about the Knights Templar and I became intrigued with their history in 1991 when I read Genisis The First Book of Revelations by David Wood. Wood had become interested in the Languedoc region of France surrounding Rennes le Chateau and he is well-versed in sacred geometry as well as being adept at mapping. Wood discovered that there were pentagram templates in this mountainous area that produced unbelievable correspondence between churches and chateaus which dated between the 11th and 12th century AD.

Recently I viewed the documentary Bloodline, produced by Rene Barnett and directed by Bruce Burgess, which is a fascinating film about the discovery of a hidden tomb near Rennes-le-Chateau with a mummified body covered with a white shroud and a Knights Templar red cross symbol on it. In the film, Burgess interviews a member or a representative of the Priory of Sion, which surfaced in the 1950's. What emerged from this interview is that there is an underground temple under this area of Languedoc. What part have the Knights Templar played? How much did they know?

To answer this, I have gone back to my own personal research and also to the knowledge I have gained from being a long-time student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, an academy of quantum physics of the mind. As a student, I have been taught about esoteric philosophy and also about the ancient schools of wisdom with the most prominent ones being in Egypt.

The Knights Templar came into being after the First Crusade of 1096, supposedly in 1118 AD and initially with nine knights. These nine knights having formed a monastic order took in no new members for nine years. This is most interesting. What were they doing during those nine years? When the Order was formed, King Baldwin II of Jerusalem gave them quarters in the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount was the captured Al Aqasa Mosque and carried a mystique. The Templar's referred to it as the Temple of Solomon. Why?

It is believed that Solomon's Temple was in Jerusalem, however there is evidence that the Temple was located in Egypt and I will write another posting on that subject. Solomon is also noted for his wisdom. There is a possibility that the nine knights studied in an ancient school of wisdom during those nine years and when they had learned about sacred geometry and the power of the mind, they began taking in new members. I have also learned that many great men - and some women have had to use a cover to hide their ability to do the Great Work. Therefore, there are many misconceptions as to the true nature of some very great people. History is fluid and if one digs deep enough, another truth will emerge.

The Templar's brought back not only sacred geometry, but sacred knowledge and under the cover of the Order of the Knights Templar also known as the Poor Soldiers of Christ. Using the knowledge they had gained, the Order became very rich and were able to build churches. What better way to leave a record for someone in the future to know that the churches and chateaus in the area of Rennes-le-Chateau formed a pentagram indicating a sacred temple under the mountainious area?

Another clue is a well-known drawing of two knights riding together on one horse. This is a clue that there is another side to their purpose and true nature, which is applying esoteric knowledge. Leading a double life, they knew they could not apply this knowledge unless it was hidden from the Catholic Church. Therefore, they used the Church to cover their true purpose. In essence, they were living dual lives. This symbol does represent poverty. It is the obvious unobvious.

The Church has promoted the idea that the pentagram is of the Devil. Not at all. It is the skeleton of the star and it is used on many flags. The flag of the U.S. has fifty stars based on the skeleton of the pentagram. As a child I remember drawing pentagrams with my doodling. No one taught me. The symbol of the pentagram is ancient and the five points represents the human body. Think about it. Stand with your legs and feet stretched apart and your arms straight out. Mentally draw a line from the left foot up to the top of the head and then down to the right foot. Next draw a line from the right foot to the tip of the left hand and then bring the line to the tip of your right hand. Next, draw a line from the outstretched right hand to the left foot. One can get an idea of this from Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man.

Ancient symbols have carried messages to the human and few realize their full meanings. Therefore, the fact that the Knights Templar were knowledgeable in ancient or esoteric knowledge is revealed in the churches they were responsible for building and the sites they chose. Another clue that is evident reveals itself in their ability to keep alive the Divine Feminine in the form of Mary Magdalene. It is my perspective that the Knights purposely dressed the way they did and also took vows of poverty and chastity to hide their true intent.

Perhaps they learned during those nine years in Jerusalem - or elsewhere that Mary Magdalene was equal to Jesus and that she was also an initiate in a school of ancient knowledge. We do not know for sure that the nine Knights spent all their nine years in Jerusalem supposedly digging for hidden treasure. Their treasure was expanding their minds in the midst of the control of the Church and kings. It is very evident the Knights revered the Divine Feminine and passed this knowledge on to initiates of the mystery schools located under the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the Chartres Cathedral in Chartres.

When King Phillip of France seized the assets of the Knights Templar and set out to kill all of them, one of the things they were accused of was worshipping a skull named Baphomet. There were artists who were painting a skull with Mary Magdalene and most of the interpretations have missed what it represented. The skull houses the brain and the brain is the greatest computer ever conceived and created. The skull represents sacred knowledge and that everyone has the ability to access it.

In my books Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls and Mary Magdalene, Her Legacy, I have strived to portray a side of Mary Magdalene that has been ignored by mainstream scholars who continue to shift through the dry bones of the New Testament. There was and is another side to who and what she was. One clue comes from the Eastern Orthodox Church, which has a tradition of painting eggs red at Easter. The story is that after Jesus' death and resurrection, that Mary Magdalene attended a banquet given by Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar and when questioned by him replied "Christ is risen." Tiberius handed her a hardboiled egg from the banquet table and handed to her. He told her that he would believe her if she turned the egg red. Within a blink of an eye, the egg turned red. There had to be something great about her for this legend to have been passed down through hundreds of years.

Therefore, the Knights Templar did their part by keeping her memory alive along with the Divine Feminine. There is much more symbology revealed in the churches they were responsible for building and that is another blog posting.

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