Monday, July 07, 2008

Unveiling Another Mystery of Rennes le Chateau

Currently there is even more interest in Rennes le Chateau, France triggered by the documentary Bloodline. Before I get into another mystery of Rennes le Chateau, I want to add to my last blog posting something about the skull and crossbones used by 'pirates.' Most interpretations are that it depicts death to the enemies. There is another interpretation of this symbol and this is it represents the power of the mind over matter, or mastery of the mind over the body. It is something to think about. Most common symbols have meanings within meanings similar to cracking a nut and getting to the kernel.

The idea to write a book about Mary Magdalene came after a trip to Europe and the Languedoc region. I had already spent a number of years researching the Knights Templar and the Black Madonnas. My traveling companion and I first stopped at Collioures, France, which is a small seaside resort town on the Mediterranean. I noted the small hotel and restaurant with the sign and name of the Knights Templar. We also toured the Royal Castle, which was once another home for the kings of Majorca. One part of this castle had been given to the Knights Templar. After this short visit, I became even more interested in the Knights Templar and their connection to Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonnas.

My traveling companion and I when visiting northern Spain, rented a car later and traveled through parts of the Languedoc Pyrenees. One of the places we visited was Rennes le Chateau. I became intrigued also with the symbols Sauniere had created in the church and especially with two statues flanking the altar. One was the statue of the Mother Mary holding a child. On the opposite side was Joseph also holding a small child. I knew immediately the symbol these two statues represented. It was the obvious unobvious. Jesus had a twin brother named Thomas. The New Testament also calls the twin Dydimus Thomas, or the Twin Thomas.
In addressing the faithful at St. Peter's Square on 9/27/2006, Pope Benedict XVI spoke of Thomas and said his name "is derived from the root name ta'am, which means paired, twin." The Pope went on to say that he did not understand why Thomas had been given the nickname. Thomas was actually the twin brother of Jesus and one only has to read the Gospel of Thomas to gain a deeper meaning of what Jesus taught. Perhaps the Pope was laying a foundation for it to be fully known that Jesus had a twin. Whatever his intent was, it was a revealing statement.
After my visit to Rennes le Chateau, I wondered why no one picked up the full meaning of these statues, but then I realize I had been taught well to recognize what the two statues represented. Saunier apparently knew much more than has been revealed. It will be interesting to observe the further revelations of the documentary Bloodline. There is much, much more to be revealed not only about the mystery surrounding Rennes le Chateau, Mary Magdalene, Jesus and also the Bible. I thoroughly enjoy researching hidden history or suppressed history. I will be writing more about what I uncovered in my research.

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