Monday, May 25, 2009


Emerging Woman from Shadows of History

A Workshop with Bettye Johnson
Saturday, June 13 2009 from 9:30 a.m. ~ 2:30 p.m.
Olympia Center,
222 Olympia St., NW
Olympia WA 98501

Bettye has long been an advocate for the status of women and is bringing together a dynamic workshop using her experiences as a Federal Women's Program Coordinator for a government district of 5 offices, a holistic health center program coordinator, an ordained minister of Divine Science, a wife and mother and now a self-published author of four books, two of which are award winning Independent Publishers Book Awards.

Bettye will lead the participants through:
~ Why the female power was subjugated to male power.
~ Moving out of the Shadow into the 21st Century.
~ Reweaving the past into the future.
~ Creating your personal Life Map.
~ Balancing your unique personal power.

Cost is $50.00 and there is pre-registration on-line using Paypal by going to and clicking on Bookstore.
Or, sending a cashier's check or money order to:
Bettye Johnson
P.O. Box 97
Rainier, WA 98576
Cash at the door and please bring a sack lunch.

I am woman.
I am awakened to my greatness.
No longer do I hold anger, hatred or condemnation.
No longer do I hold jealousy, envy or greed.
I give up sickness and blame.
I am woman.
I am awakened to my power.
I have always been powerful.
I have always been genius.
I am a Keeper of Wisdom.
I am woman.
copyright Bettye Johnson
excerpt from Mary Magdalene, Her Legacy

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