Monday, July 06, 2009


The following was given to me in celebration of my many years of wisdom. This was written by Mark Leyner, a husband, father, son and a brother as well as the author of 8 books and a co-writer of the movie "War, Inc. When he was asked what he knows for sure, he said the following:

"This sage knowledge of and ability to abide the inherently fugitive nature of happiness somehow accounts for the extraordinary beauty of women as they age.

"In their most casual offhand sisterly moments, women are capable of discussing sex in such uninhibited detail that it would cause a horde of arousing cossacks to cringe.

"Women are for all intents and purposes indomitable. It really requires an almost unimaginable confluence of crushing, cataclysmic forces to vanquish a woman.

"Women have a very specific kind of courage that enables them to fling themselves into the open sea, whether it's a new life for themselves, another person's life, or even what might appear to be a kind of madness."

Leyner says, "One last thing he knows with a certitude that exceeds anything, is that men's final thoughts in their waking days and in their lives are of women...ardent, wistful thoughts of wives and lovers and daughters and mothers."

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